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What EXACTLY is Social Bookmarks?

Social Bookmarking generally is a focal part of an online service that permits its users to share, edit, annotate and add saves/bookmarks of web-based documents.Search engines judge web pages saved on social bookmarking sites as a quality backlink which reciprocally boost the exposure and ranking of such pages.

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The Quality Bookmark Package contains permanent one-way backlinks from bookmarking sites. Its no secret that obtaining backlinks from social bookmarking directories are a great way for any web master to gain an influx of new quality backlinks very quickly!

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But how can we know for sure that we produce better results than the rest of the providers out there every time? Well for one, every social bookmarking site we use to build your backlinks are highly trusted by the search engines. But thats just the beginning! In addition to scouting out seo focused boomarks for you, all of the social bookmarks that you receive from us are a mix of nofollow and dofollow backlinks as well.

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  • Social media are always given more priority, no matter any Google Guidelines updates that arises.
  • Social media are treated with High Authority.
  • Social Bookmarking sites backlinks are Search Engine friendly.
  • Backlinks from social media are very reliable, valuable, strong and awards your site a higher SERPs ranking.
  • All social bookmarks sites give DoFollow backlinks to your site.
  • Maximum link juice is passed on to your website.


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